Monday, October 17, 2016

Styling the Slip Dress

Slip dresses are really trendy right now and I love to see the different ways in which you can style them so I figured I would give my take on it. I will admit that wearing a slip dress alone is not my style so I decided to throw on a sweater in order to make the look more suited to my taste.

I really like the contrast between the satin slip dress and the chunky knit sweater because it's an unexpected combination of textures and adds a nice dimension to the whole look. If you want the slip dress to take center stage then you could wear a long cardigan so that more of the dress is visible. I think this look is great for fall and really lets you incorporate slip dresses into your wardrobe without feeling like you're stepping out in your night dress.

- Ravenna

Dress: ASOS
Sweater: Forever 21
Hat: Topshop
Shoes: Old Navy
Bag: Zara